Connect with your climbing community using data


Deeply Integrated With Your Community

Climbing gyms are in unique positions to foster community. Indoor Ascents offers tools for gyms to understand their climbing community and strengthen those bonds.

Engagement Metrics

Our patent pending technologies allow you to collect data and make decisions based on user engagement at your gym

Route Management Software

Empower setters to create relevant routes through data-driven metrics


Foster community through virtual games, events and climbing competitions

Training Tools

Strengthen your climbing community by giving them the tools to train and grow

Frequently-asked questions

What is Indoor Ascents?

Indoor Ascents is a complete suite of software and hardware designed to connect climbers with gyms. The system has two components: A climbers app that, in conjunction with our scanners, allows climbers to seamlessly record climbs. For gyms, we offer a gym management app that allows gyms to manager their routes based on metrics driven by the climbing app.

How does Indoor Ascents compare to the competion?

Our key competitive advantage is the patent-pending Indoor Ascents scanners. Users scan their ascent card before each climb, seamlessly and automatically recording which routes they climbed during a session. This negates the need for carrying a phone or manually entering ascents, therefore increasing user engagement and data fidelity.

Beyond the standard route management features, Indoor Ascents provides gyms access to key metrics about their climbing community. Route setters have the ability to view stats about successful routes, user goals, and progression. Our software was thoughtfully designed to create a better training app for all users, and allow gyms to drive engagement.

What is the goal of Indoor Ascents?

Our goal is to connect climbers with gyms through data. When gyms and climbers come together as a community we think it creates better gyms, stronger climbers and a more enjoyable environment. We want to foster that.

What does it cost?

Gyms joining the Indoor Ascents closed beta process will have access to a limited pricing structure. To learn more, claim your gym here.

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